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Buying a Property in North Cyprus – Everything you need to know

Now that we have completed buying a property in North Cyprus I would like to share our first experiences with you. We are having our initial months in North Cyprus, the most beautiful and unique location in the world… Although we were hesitant at first, everything is fine now. We would like to thank NorthernLAND, which has realized the most prestigious and special projects of Northern Cyprus, for all the privileges it offers us…

Those who are about to make decisions about their lives, such as we did, should have some questions that they wonder. To provide a guide for them as well, I would like to share with you a few of the dozens of reasons that made it easier for us to take a step into our new life in Cyprus.

Northernland office in Famagusta

Why Should I Buy a House

Right after we decided to settle in Cyprus, we had a brief meeting with NorthernLAND, the most prestigious real estate company in Cyprus. We were amazed by the options offered to us. Among NorthernLAND’s portfolio, we decided on NorthernLAND Premier for both investment and vacation purposes.

Thus, we now have a home with unique specifications that carry high Cyprus standards that we would not find somewhere else for our children, for us, in short, for the whole family.

I can say for this project that they were able to fit more than everything that should take part in a project. Not to mention the shopping mall at the doorstep, gym, pool, SPA center… I can also claim that we have the best housekeeping service in Cyprus. Indeed, to the highest standards…

Northernland Premier - Buying a Property in North Cyprus

This is the tallest residence in North Cyprus…

The tallest residence in North Cyprus

It is a great pleasure for us to watch the sun rising in the morning. The first sunlight of the day fills our home. And in the evenings, we set the sun together… It is incredible… Totally magical…

Of course, the sea and sun here are among the top reasons that led us to settle in Cyprus. With that many sunny days, we are swimming in the Mediterranean’s hurt water for almost three seasons of a year. During hot days, our access to the world’s beautiful beaches takes only a few minutes. This is among the luxuries we have…

My spouse had questions about what we were going to experience in the process of adapting to a new culture. But as we met Cyprus’s friendly people, he realized what the right decision we had made. It is a unique experience for us to live a life here to the full that we would not live in any other city or country.

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I knew Cyprus was the home to the most fascinating stories. I had the chance to learn these stories on the tours that I took on some days of the week. Salamis Ancient City was among those that impressed me the most.

Life in big cities is racing, but here you have so much time to stay with yourself. I can’t describe the feeling of recovery that you feel after trekking in Cyprus’s greenest areas.

I recently spoke with a friend of mine who is planning to buying a property in North Cyprus, and I had the opportunity to tell my observations and experiences about here. They are looking for a place where they could invest and live life to the fullest. I hope they will also own a home at one of the NorthernLAND projects, and our long-standing friendship would continue on the most beautiful island of the world.

I will continue to share Cyprus’s most memorable days and the best of the island with you.

Keep in touch 🙂