Buying Property in North Cyprus is safe!

One of the most frequently asked question is “is buying property in North Cyprus safe?”. The answer is simply “Yes, absolutely!”. North Cyprus property market is experiencing its most active period, where the demand from foreign investors is creating a wide variety of portfolios and a great potential for investment. Affordable prices for luxury apartment and villas make way to the best time to invest. Projects with spectacular locations and increasing capital value of the units make investment in North Cyprus very attractive. In fact, North Cyprus has been named as one of the 5 Best Beachfront Buys For 2021 according Forbes Magazine.

“This is the best of the Mediterranean at a fraction of the cost of living the Med life elsewhere. Northern Cyprus is also a safe, welcoming destination with developed tourism infrastructure, including clubs, casinos, and luxury hotels, all more affordable than their counterparts in France or Italy”. (Forbes Magazine.)

Free travel between North and South Cyprus

Unrestricted crossing between two sides with the borders opening many years ago have increased the number of visitors to the North and the South. Additionally, tourists arriving at the airports in South Cyprus can easily travel to the North. All you need is a little time for research to understand the political situation in North Cyprus. This way, you can easily see that it is safe to purchase property and title deeds here. It will also be an important step for you to consult an expert and independent lawyer for guidance and due diligence for the property you are considering purchasing.

Here are the conditions to consider.

Buying a house and owning a real-estate in Cyprus with NortherLAND is privileged and secure.

The most important necessity in real estate investment is ‘trust’.

Legal professional’s within our organization are always here to dissolve all of your questions and lead the way.


The mid-sea is the perfect locale for Investment purpose.

Cyprus, doubtless, is the most important investment geography in Europe.

NortherLAND construction and real-estate is the creator of privileged lifestyles, the meaning of quality/class in this sector and the representative of trust in the North of the island.

We welcome you to the warmth and cosiness of the mid-sea, and we assure you that you will not find such an advantageous investment opportunity in any other island country in this Geography.


Now is the time for a new start where you will experience trust, tranquillity, comfort and pleasure all at once.

Not only are we recommending you to buy a house or a property, but we are offering you a new life.

We construct a living space that focuses on people and the environment not concrete on stone walls.


What are the conditions to own a house in North Cyprus?

There is no need for a dispensation for North Cyprus fellow citizens. If you are 18 and over, you have the right to unlimited investment, with NortherLAND assurance.

If you are under 18 years of age don’t panic! You are also eligible to purchase a real-estate with only a signature by your father or guardian.

Of course we do not forget to add bureaucratic proceedings such as transference of title deed and the stoppage documents. First time real-estate buyers pay 1% transfer fee of their value.

If the house you are purchasing is 300 square meters or more, you will need to pay 4% transfer fee of the sales price.

And what’s left is ‘Enjoy it!’


What does it take for a foreigner to buy a house in Cyprus?

To begin with, you need to make your choice the right one.

If you choose North Cyprus, you will be opening the new doors to your new life,

But if you pick NortherLAND, we guarantee you will lie down in your bed in comfort and wake up to a new day joyfully.

Yes, you may think that we are exaggerating, but our answer to that is simple ‘wait and see.’

So, in order for Europe, Britain, Turkey, Russia, Israel, America, New Zealand, Canada, in brief citizens of the whole world to own a house in the North of Cyprus what do they need to do?

What is the procedure to follow for an Application?

  1. A Contract with the company you are purchasing real-estate.
  2. A security certificate from his/her own country of the applicant.
  3. Location map of the property to be purchased and the title deed contract.
  4. ID/Passport photocopy of the applicant.

After this stage, a little reminder that it may take a few months to complete the following procedure which is the security investigation and other processes.

This whole process is important to create a safe investment for you.

Putting everything aside now, the primary requirement to buy a house in North Cyprus is to make the decision. The decision for a new life.

The decision of peace and happiness, the decision of your dreams, and the decision of the endless blue of the mid-sea!

Don’t be late to make a change in your life and be who you want to be.