We are proud of our property awards

Our company has been thriving and is proud to bring our projects and work performance above Cypriot standards.  We work at the level of international construction and management excellence. With each step on the way through our unique designs, materials and quality of service and building.

We aim for absolute customer satisfaction at all times and conditions. As a result, our company reinforces its pioneering position in the real estate and construction industry. We execute with the quality of materials and workmanship, the contemporary architectural line we create. As well as the functionality we give to the units and common living spaces.

Our 16 Property NC Awards

Founded in 2003, the biggest advantage of our company is the combination of young, dynamic and experienced team members. The 16 awards we have received in many categories in the Awards competition have levelled up our motivation to make new projects on contemporary world standards and to continue our goal of providing absolute customer satisfaction.

In each project, in every house we build, our aim is to increase the quality of life standards of our customers and to offer them their dream homes. The most significant and determinant motivation for our Company`s growth and success is customer satisfaction.