Property Management

Construction Services like technology and structure of the construction is required in the real estate market today. As well as Property Management expertise towards the needs and requirements of tenants, customers and visitors.

Our duty as your property manager is to turn this knowhow into a clear financial plan based on the available budget and expected rental income.

Consequently, we produce reliable reports tailored to your financial situation. As an investor or property manager, we will ensure that your priorities are fully factored and implemented when managing your property. That is why, as a construction Services company, we work with the best systems and the best professionals. Professionals who are meticulous, motivated and passionate about their jobs.


As an investment management leader we have more than 15 years of experience. We constantly offer an extensive platform with deep sector expertise in order to deliver investment results and exceptional customer service in North Cyprus.

Our focus is on real estate and infrastructure. Combined with our capabilities and customer commitment we provide  differentiation and competitive advantage. We maximize your return on investment. By offering a range of innovative solutions that take into account the risk tolerances of our corporate investor clients.

Rental Management

The NorthernLAND team offers a comprehensive Property Rental service to homeowners. To make their experience of renting out a property simple and profitable. If you own a property in Cyprus or if you are considering investing in one, you too can benefit from our unique services.

It is our responsibility to find the right tenant for your property. And we make it our own goal to protect your home. We perform a full credit check and investigate their employment history to ensure rent is paid when due. Additionally, we also look up their history of renting properties and acquire personal references of the tenant. So you are sure your property is kept in good condition.

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