What could be better than enjoying the magnificent sunshine of North Cyprus? The island is an ideal place to visit every season with its yearlong sunny climate. The generous and welcoming attitude of Cypriots open the doors to a peaceful life with their unique lifestyles. Cyprus is always the right destination to travel and live in when you want a unique experience. With its unspoilt coasts and beaches, spectacular view of the mountains and the sea, and rich history that is a part of many civilizations, Delightful Mediterranean cuisine and crystal-clear waters await you in this paradise island.

Today, there are 24 universities in North Cyprus, where close to 100,000 students are currently enrolled, with numbers increasing annually. The higher education system in North Cyprus has been tailored to meet western standards. For those who are seeking higher education, there are many advantages which include:

• Education at North Cyprus universities is based on modern European standards; therefore, it is an excellent opportunity to attain an advanced level qualification at a reasonable price, with many merit-based scholarships available.

• Majority of the Degrees/Diplomas received from the universities are recognized by the European Union and the United States, making international job opportunities available after completing the training.

• A wide range of specialization options will enable you to attain the master’s education you desire.

• Citizens of other countries are trained in English in North Cyprus, so this is an excellent opportunity to improve your linguistics.

Health service standards are quite high in North Cyprus. There are fully equipped public and private health centres where you can find every service including emergency interventions to regular check-ups, dentist, optometric and reconstructive surgery, etc. There are medical centres in Famagusta and Iskele. The number you can call for emergency health in North Cyprus is 112. In the case of emergency, emergency officers work to get you to the nearest health institutions at no cost.

Furthermore, pharmacies sell all medications prescribed by physicians and they can also offer you variety of over the counter medicines.
The idea of moving to North Cyprus means that you are stepping into a perfect life without a doubt. There are many options ahead of you and North Cyprus is a paradise with its magnificent historical and natural beauty. The people of Cyprus are very friendly and welcoming. If you like experiencing new food and new adventures, Cyprus is for you with its many restaurants, bars and entertainment centres offering a great lifestyle for people of all ages. If you are a Citizen of the European Union and have a passport, travelling to North Cyprus can be seamless. Once you enter the island, you will receive a stamp on your passport with a 3-month visa. You can then carry out the necessary procedures for a residence permit in the capital city of Nicosia. In North Cyprus, you can live the summer until at the end of September. You will enjoy tanning and nice glow with the warm sun. Temperatures begin to fall as of October, with more humid and rainy weather between November and February.