One of the most frequently asked question is “is it safe to buy property in North Cyprus?”. The answer is simply “Yes, absolutely!”. North Cyprus property market is experiencing its most active period, where the demand from foreign investors is creating a wide variety of portfolios and a great potential for investment. Affordable prices for luxury apartment and villas make way to the best time to invest. Projects with spectacular locations and increasing capital value of the units make investment to North Cyprus very attractive.

Unrestricted crossing between two sides with the borders opening many years ago have increased the number of visitors to the North and the South. Additionally, tourists arriving at the airports in South Cyprus can easily travel to the North. All you need is a little time for research to understand the political situation in North Cyprus. This way, you can easily see that it is safe to purchase property and title deeds here. It will also be an important step for you to consult an expert and independent lawyer for guidance and due diligence for the property you are considering purchasing.