10 Things You Need to Consider When Buying a Home in North Cyprus

There were issues that we came across at certain stages with great care while realizing our dream to settle in North Cyprus. I think these would be beneficial to you as well before buying a home or moving here…

Here are the 10 things you should pay attention to while buying a home in North Cyprus. It is useful to read before settling 🙂

1.We Can Start with The Most Important Issue

Although there are numerous projects in North Cyprus, you better choose a local company as they would be more reliable. For example, we have chosen one of the projects of NorthernLAND, the largest company in North Cyprus. You can get informed with a single click about buying a home in one of the NorthernLAND projects.

2.Prefer the Locations Close to the Coasts and Beaches

Your needs are among the important issues you need to pay attention to. While buying a villa by the sea, a residence apartment, a house, or an apartment flat, make sure which one meets your needs in the best way. We did not miss that detail as we evaluated the real estate options in the NorthernLAND portfolio. To achieve the most suitable choice, you too can check the different types of real estates in NorthernLAND’s portfolio by here.


3.Do Not Make Any Payment For Buying a House Before Signing a Contract

Remember that some procedures are needed for the foreign investors to buy a real estate in North Cyprus. During the process which is carried by a lawyer, all our processes were handled by NorthernLAND. I would like to thank them for this convenience they offered us. It is nice to have them 🙂

4.After Sale Services Matter

Let us say you buy a house. Nice. However, I suggest you be informed about the following processes as well. Thanks to NorthernLAND, which offers the most delicate and professional after-sales services, we have acquainted with unique services that we had not experienced before settling in North Cyprus. They have a department for maintenance and repair, and I can say that they offer first-class service about the things covered by warranty. You should see by yourself how the maintenance of the common areas here, especially the cleaning, is done periodically. I think that is what daintiness and care means 🙂

5.The Easy Way of Residence Permit

The easiest way to get a residence permit in North Cyprus is to buy a residence. It is helpful to remind you that your residence permit is approved within 1-2 months and renewed annually… It will be sufficient for you to use the same method for North Cyprus citizenship as well.

6.Prefer the Popular Cities of Cyprus

I recommend you prefer cities that stand out in the real estate sector, such as Girne (Kyrenia), Gazimağusa (Famagusta), Lefkoşa (Nicosia), and İskele (Trikomo). However, it is worth noting that real estate prices are higher in touristic cities…

7.Look for Newly Constructed Properties

Another recommendation I would give for you is to learn if the building you will buy has a building license and even a building permit… According to the legislation, title Deeds with more than one shareholder or real estate that are not built-in may cause future problems. That risk will be shallow if you make your decision on a residence among the newly built Cyprus real estate projects.

8.Invest in Projects That Increased in Value

My next suggestion may be more relevant for those going to buy a residence for investment purposes. I recommend you buy your residence in Cyprus among projects with a constantly rising value, such as NorthernLAND. The value of the residence we bought is increasing day by day, so I said it 🙂

9.Inquire the Use of Quality Materials

Let us say you are going to buy a residence and the quality is indispensable for you. You must decide on a real estate company that uses quality materials at every stage of the construction and can guarantee you in this regard. Another critical issue is making sure that these companies carry a qualification certificate from a valid legal institution. We realized once again by choosing NorthernLAND, an expert in its field and its quality is approved in every aspect, we made the best decision.

10.Improve Your Quality of Life with Award-Winning Projects

Awards are essential; taking part in an award-winning project is even more critical. I would recommend you choose real estate companies and certified projects and have been awarded by the experts of the field. I can say in that sense, NorthernLAND is the most successful real estate brand of North Cyprus.

These are my suggestions so far.

I wish you all to live your dream life in North Cyprus…